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The Reporter is delivering the news about inspiring speaker at the secret club control by Rob the founder of The Secret Project 53!

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Award winner at Gold Star Movie Awards film festival for Best Direction!

Certificate of Achievement awarded by Virgin Spring Cinefest Best Short

We received a festival award by Gold Star Movie Awards, February 2023, Newark, New Jersey.

Mont. Blanc International Film Festival, Paris

Best short film, Award Winner
August, 2023 | Avenue de la Porte de Ch√Ętillon, Paris, France read more

Virgin Spring Cinefest

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Monthly award winner
India, Kolkata, West Bengal

Black Swan International Film Festival

Best short film, Award Winner
July, 2023 | Kolkata, West Bengal, 700030, India read more

Goldspire International Film Festival

Outstanding Achievement Award, best short film
June, 2023 | Rue des Filles du Calvaire, Paris, France
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Belgrade International Film Festival

Official Selection, best short film
June, 2023 | Belgrade, Serbia
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Climax Critics Awards

Honorable Mention, best short film
May, 2023 | Madrid, Spain
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Global Shorts

Special Mention, best short film
April, 2023 | Los Angeles California
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Top Film Awards

Official Selection, in category Short film
April, 2023
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Liber Films International Festival

Official Selection
March, 2023 | Athens, Greece
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Gold Star Movie Awards

Award Winner in category Best Direction
February, 2023 | Newark, New Jersey, USA
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Kalakari Film Fest

Best experimental film
February, 2023 | Madhya Pradesh, India
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Barcelona Indie Awards

Official Selection
February, 2023 | Barcelona, Spain
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Vancouver Movie Awards

February, 2023 | Canada, Vancouver, BC
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