Zagreb International Film Festival

Zagreb International Film Festival is modern festival organized by young and ambitious moviegoers in order to promote talented filmmakers, composers, photographers, writers, and artists. Of course we will not hide our own desire to grow and compete with the best festivals in the world. It's an honor for us to represent our beautiful and culturally rich country - Croatia.
Season Selections
Zagreb International Film Festival has a very modern, and effective structure called as "Season programs". Season programs are devoted into four periods: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Every period we welcome new participants, that will be compete for season selections, judged by our film experts.

Season Awards
All seasonal official selections are through to the final round of season program, and will compete for season awards. ZIFF will choose winners in all main and technical categories.

Annual Event
Every season program our film experts will choose best works out of all winners in all 12 main categories, that will go through to semi-finals. In two month before annual event, our team will choose 24 finalists, that will have an opportunity to visit beautiful capital city of Croatia - Zagreb, and compete for the win!

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1. You were born in 1974, but according to your IMDB page, you started putting out films in 2013. By the time you did your first film, you were pretty mature comparing to other filmmakers. Do you think your knowledge and life experience are advantages or disadvantages in present era?
I was born in the capital city Sofia, but grow up in small city called Petrich that is border between former Macedonia and Greece, it was a great place going fishing, hiking, and dreaming …
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2. Web series is a great modern format that allows filmmakers to express their ideas much quicker. However, I don’t recall any web series were later reproduced into high budget series. Do you think web series format is still developing?
The budget to create a film to final cut can be different for different people. For example, $1000 budget for me is a big budget vs $100 million to big company. Also, you need to have a budget for advertisement, too that most indie film makers forget.
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3. You stated before that you are a big fan of dark humor and mystery. Do you spot differences in American and Bulgarian humor?
I love the mystery and I do not like a true story film because everything is predictable.
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An interesting story with Peter Boiadzhieff.